jan 19

got class

 New York Times Book Review on William Gibson's new book, Pattern Recognition. Don't forget the blog.

 The Times and Salon are both using pop culture as a metaphor for class structure. The Times chooses Maid in Manhattan and Salon nabs Joe Millionaire.

 Ken Courtney is being sued for his "I Fucked Gisele" t-shirts.

 Hewlitt-Packard ad with the Flaming Lips, Abe Vigoda, and Rachel Hunter. Also, the Gatorade 23 vs. 39 ad (and ESPN has a piece on how they made that ad).

 Kylie Minogue is locomoting to the U.S. scene.

 Fox Renews 'Simpsons' Through 2005.

 Reason interviews Mickey Mouse on the Supreme Court ruling to extend the Sonny Bono Copyright Act of 1998.

 SF Gate on the upcoming Jimmy Kimmell show.

 Gawker gets drugged: The Quest For The Perfect Coke Dealer.

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