jan 21


 Just in time to save the revolution: Weblogs For Dummies.

 Some sort of political Space Invaders that I don't understand. However, Icon War makes complete sense.

 VanGoghGaugain.com traces the relationship between the two artists.

 Vonnegut turns 80. "I'm mad about being old and I'm mad about being American. Apart from that, OK."

 Hmmm.... another Inside.com? Well, we'll see what becomes of AlwaysOn-Network, from Red Herring's Tony Perkins.

 Cybill Shepherd to play Martha Stewart.

 Into feral children? MeFi has a post for you today.

 Looks like Douglas Coupland's new book, Hey Nostradamus!, is out in June. Perhaps it will provide an explanation for this sculpture.

 Photoshop Moby on Fark. Of course, Moby acts humbled.

 Nike Labs Transformer Ad.

 Work stuff: we've finally announced our deal with Cox Television. That puts us over 60 websites.

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