jan 22

mickey millionaire

 Fred Durst continues to prove his literary brilliance when it comes to landing pop nymphets. If only Britney would write back we'd have a modern Abelard and Heloise on our hands.

 Waxy's Mickey Mouse satire landed him in the Boston Globe and the NY Times.

 New rumor: Joe Millionaire is actually a millionaire.

 These online marker things are always fun to play with. I'm not sure why.

 If you haven't read enough about Get Your War On, then here's one interview (NY Press) and another (L.A. Weekly).

 Republican Babes of the Week. Past winners: Bo Derek, Laura Ingraham, Shannen Doherty, Ashley Judd, Kathy Ireland, and Emma Caulfield. Sorry, this really amuses me.

 New Taschen book: Movies of the 80s.

 Instapundit now on MSNBC.com.

 Read or listen to Walter Isaacson on On The Media.

 Voice: How 'Reason' Came to 'Suck'.

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