jan 23

wild feed

 A list that I wish I had made: 100 Greatest Music Videos.

 Ken Layne thinks this is Dave Barry's blog.

 Doonsbury weighs in on file-sharing.

 Wow, you think TiVo is cool, just think if you could wildfeed Buffy and Iron Chef. I want my wildfeed!

 Jeesh, Kronos Quartet turned 30.

 Michael Kelly gets un-radical. "The left in America has for a long time now resembled not so much a political movement as a contest to see how many schismatics could dance on the head of a pin, a conversation that has gone from being national to factional to simply eccentric. At some point, progressive politics reached a state where freeing Mumia was considered critical and electing a Democratic president was considered optional."

 Trailer: View From The Top: new crummy-looking comedy starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Christina Applegate.

 I can't think of a good business reason why I should go to the South By South West Interactive conference, but of all the options on the conference menu this year, it is the most enticing. Instead, I think I'll be going to Editor & Publisher's Interactive Media conference.

 Local music: Todd's band, Anchorhead, interviewed in City Pages.

 Freed. (What he did today. Can you imagine seeing IMDB for the first time in 2003?)

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