jan 28


 Raise your eyebrows fellow file-sharing music fans: Echo.com.

 Thank god, I don't have to scrounge around in Usenet postings to figure out how to copy a DVD with my PC. DVD X Copy allows you to copy DVDs, which, I think, is a first for a software product.

 New designer phone from Siemens.

 Transcript of Sean Penn, Janeane Garofalo, and Howard Kurtz talking about Iraq.

 Oh no, dear god, please don't make him cool. Justin Timberlake Jams With Flaming Lips.

 Dave Barry officially gets a blog.

 Fuck yeah.

 "I Want To Have Your Abortion," on the writing of Chuck Palahniuk.

 On a random day here last year, you could find me saying "The Onion proper gets all the poppy press and gloppy glee, but from a pop-culture criticism point of view, The A.V. Club might honestly be the best alt-culture publication out there." The Rake is the first I've seen to also take notice.

 The New Yorker has a funny piece on surfing with post-parole Mitnick.

 I'll be playing the State of the Union Drinking Game tonight.

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