jan 29

all news is fake news

 Have fun, kids: The Fake CNN.com News Generator. (Update: looks like it got removed after a few journalists fell for a fake Olsen Twins story today.)

 Stuck in a snowy traffic jam yesterday, I was thinking "What ever happened to LiquidAudio?" Perhaps this shows too much about what rattles around in my consciousness, but, yes, I really was wondering what happened to dot-com music company which has been inconsequential since the mid-90s. Oddly enough, I get home and see the Times reporting that Wal-Mart (!?) has bought some of Liquid Audio. Unbelievable.

 In other Times-generated tech news, it looks like major-league baseball games will be streamed via Real this year.

 The first words out of Nick Nolte's mouth in the trailer to the new Neil Jordan movie, The Good Thief, are "I've hit rock bottom. I have to change my ways." Coincidence?

 Maxim is in trouble for depicting Gandhi getting the shit kicked out of him in a cartoon.

 Interesting interview with Amazon's eDocs Director, Curtis Kopf, who off-handedly predicts that Amazon.com might one day sell subscriptions to websites or email newsletters.

 Onion A.V. Club has a good interview with the Daily Show writers.

 Garry Kasparov played his first public game against a computer in close to six years, and I didn't see any press about it. Chessbase.com has the play-by-play of him pummelling Deep Junior.

 Q13-TV in Seattle featured Phillip Torrone commuting to work on his Segway. (Phillip works for Fallon, runs BookOfSeg.com, and is a wireless and Flash pioneer.)

 Ever wondered what William Gibson thought about The Matrix? He liked it.

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