jan 30


 A trailer to a new documentary starring the woman who was Hitler's secretary right up until the final days: Blind Spot: Hitler's Secretary. After years of silence, she tells all.

 Britney: "Sundance is weird."

 Dang, the new Strokes album is already done? LastPlaneToJakarta.com somehow got ahold of it. Me? Jealous?

 I'm utterly shocked that I didn't make CJR's Ten Young Editors To Watch list. (Not that I'm really an editor any more.)

 According to The Observer, the new lit wonder to watch is James Frey.

 Someone at the office today came around with Buffy Season Four on DVD. Those who know their shit know there's no such thing yet. Not in America, anyway. But, yes, you can get it in England. He even bought an all-region DVD player just to play it. I've been out-geeked.

 Times: War of the Words at Hip-Hop Magazines.

 New magazine (from Canada, but don't let that get you down): Numb.

 A Clockwork Orange script.

 Encyclopedia of the Marvelous, the Monstrous, and the Grotesque.

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