jan 31

the next

 Real.com used to just produce a crappy piece of streaming video software (and, don't worry, they still do that), but they're also now taking a shot at producing their own content. The Next, directed by Kevin Kerslake (who did a few Sonic Youth and Nirvana vids), is a music show webcast every two weeks. Blackalicious is currently available, with upcoming shows from Beth Orton and Peter Yorn.

 Sundance Online Film Festival winners announced. Brooke wrote to say that Broken Saints won yet another award. Brooke, I'm counting the hours till I can buy the DVD at Best Buy. Just don't get high on smack and shoot yourself when it happens, 'kay?

 Finally, Res has put up the Spike Jonze videography player. (I forgot how good that Dinosaur Jr. song is, but, christ, Velocity Girl certainly don't get better with age, do they?)

 Everyone I know spent the day laughing at the idea that Jesse Ventura is MSNBC's last hope. Ba-bye.

 I think Cronenberg has a winner again: Spider trailer.

 Couple Iranian blogs: BlogIran & Notes of an Iranian Girl.

 In Wired: Rudy Rucker reviews the new William Gibson. By the way, for localites, Gibson is reading at the Edina B&N Feb. 19.

 Work of Saws (who recorded their album in the exact spot I'm sitting right now) got written up in BlogCritics today.

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