feb 4

simpsons 25

 Judging from Entertainment Weekly's Top 25 Simpsons episodes, it looks like 1993 was the hey-day.

 Fascinating story on how Carson Daly's voice is cut up and put into a database of sound which is then recomposed into a radio program ("Carson Daly Most Requested") that is broadcast to 140 radio stations -- 11 of them as a "local" program.

 L.A. Times thinks the indie film is dead.

 New Yorker on Tokyo Toys.

 Hunter S. Thompson has a new book. He's interviewed in Salon.

 The naked Courtney Love photo shoot for Q magazine.

 Conservative rag National Review tears into Derrida, the film and the man. "He is not now, nor has he ever been, a philosopher in any recognizable sense of the word, nor even a trafficker in significant ideas; he is rather a intellectual con artist, a polysyllabic grifter who has duped roughly half the humanities professors in the United States."

 Only locals will get this one, but I have to post it anyway: Boycott Chino Latino Online Petition. People are still apparently angry about the "Happy Hour: Cheaper than a Bangkok Brothel" billboards around town.

 Kevin Lynch (Chief Software Architect at Macromedia) joins Jeremy Allaire (Chief Technology Officer) with his own blog.

 BigChampagne.com measures what music people are downloading on the internet.

 On attending the DVD Premiere Awards.

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