feb 6

media gossip

It's one of those weeks where you're pretty sure hanging up the profession and working in a coffee shop is a good idea. Just saying.

 Romenesko's MediaNews is changing its named to just Romenesko because of some fascist newspaper owners. (Why didn't they just go back to MediaGossip?)

 The jig is up, North Dakota boys.

 Animatrix. First of nine episodes, four of which will be available online (the rest available on DVD).

 Slate eulogizes Leslie Fiedler, who, to be honest, I sorta forgot about. Salon had an interview with him a couple months ago.

 This article in The Register talks about Akamai's push with something called EdgeSuite. We have actually been one of the companies leading the charge in using and testing their product, which has some marvellous potential.

 William Gibson's new book is out.

 Slate: Why economists are obsessed with online role-playing games.

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