feb 9

watch bravo tonight

 The cast of The Simpsons is on Bravo tonight.

 NY Times reviews The Hipster Handbook.

 Real is now positioning itself to sell "guy content." Meanwhile, Yahoo is getting into the subscription video biz.

 The Saddameter is up to 95%.

 Funny Times piece on the eyeware of architects.

 James Gleick on spam in the Times Mag.

 Watch the final Kasparov vs. Deep Junior match in Flash. (It was a tie.)

 Clear Channel Concerts plans to record concerts and sell them on CD to you as you walk out of the arena. Any chance Clear Channel surfs ShouldExist?

 You deserve $20. Fill out this music settlement form if you purched a CD from 1995 to 2000. Defendants, who are distributing $67,375,000 because they "conspired to illegally raise the prices of prerecorded music products by implementing minimum advertised price policies," include Capitol, Virgin, Warner Bros, Atlantic, Elektra, Rhino, Universal, Bertelsmann, Sony, Tower Records, Musicland and BMG.

 Guardian Quiz: Model, Writer, Whatever. "Which supermodel wrote a novel about a supermodel?"

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