feb 11


The new Wired (print) magazine showed up in the mail today. The cover is "Speed Freaks," and it looks like it went to print before they could stop this deck from appearing on the cover: "SURVIVING NASA'S INSANE 7G EXPERIMENT." Ha-ha, old media.

 Woo-hoo! Gaming as a form of activism, says this AP story.

 Microsoft bloggers.

 Anderson Cooper Trivia. Son of Gloria Vanderbilt. Was almost Ricky Shroder. Hosted The Mole.

 Worried about the repercussions of war? Consider buying your own hazmat suit from Yahoo Stores.

 Taschen has a new book about the Jaybird naked revolution.

 New Yorker Google cartoon.

 For info-graphic geeks, the NYSE MarkeTrac from Asymptote has launched.

 Times: Amazon.com gives up on tv ads.

 Yet another William Gibson interview (Globe & Mail).

 Coming to the Sci-Fi channel: Children of Dune.

 From the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints: HotSaints.com. Amen.

 If you ask me what my favorite movie is, you're likely to hear a different answer every time, but the Criterion Contempt DVD that I watched this weekend puts Godard back in the front. Brigitte Bardot, please come back and save the world.

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