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Pen and Pixel

Through a circuitous route, Katie Bakes discovers the "magnum opus on Pen & Pixel." (Example: "This is just a cornucopia of photo-shopped crappiness. Pyramids sit next to crashed space shuttles. Vultures stalk used Chevy Cavaliers. Mysterious floating direction signs. The secrets of the Illuminati can be discerned from studying the mysteries of this cover.") The Houston-based design firm notoriously pioneered the tricked out album cover style prevalent in so many '90s rap albums. It concludes with a video of Louis Theroux interviewing a Pen & Pixel designer.

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Actually it is a Chevy caprice, and the vultures represent the management company's view of the artist Eightball. The desert and the sign play along with the 'Lost' theme. Where else could you find a 400lbs rapper from Memphis next to the pyramids?...only in the land of Pen and Pixel Graphics.
The album cover was commissioned by Suavehouse records and stands as one of 28 covers designed for that record company. Pen and Pixel Graphics (the original Bling Bling design house in Houston) produced over 19,000 Cd covers and stand to this day as the definitive
art style of 90s hip hop.

posted by Shawn Brauch at 10:06 PM on August 26, 2008

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