feb 17

my gadget

 Between war protests and Google-Blogger, there's not much to talk about. But the kids at Moveable Type got a fax machine!

 The 10th issue of McSweeney's is out, and this is offically the last time I'll link to a Dave Eggers article (Guardian).

 Everyone in the neighborhood is talking about the new exhibit at The Walker: Translocations. If I were in L.A., we'd be talking about the new Bill Viola exhibit at the Getty.

 Gadget call. It sounds so simple, but it doesn't exist: a handheld PC with both a phone and wi-fi. That's what I want. That's it. (Bonus points: color screen, flash player, 2+ mega-pixel camera, AIM, a good browser and email client). Does such a thing exist? HP, Handspring, Sony, Nokia: now's your chance to get my money. Gizmodo, I expect you to tell me when I can get it.

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