feb 19

dear gizzy

 I just knew Gizmodo would come through for me. Yesterday, I said I wanted a Pocket PC with wireless and a cell phone, and today they have an answer. But where's my pony? Seriously, Gizmodo, you should do a help column ("Dear Gizzy") for things like this. Or maybe just open-source it into a community question-and-answer discussion room, like answers.google.com but more cozy. Question: "Can someone explain multi-region DVD players to me?" Answer: "Sure!"

 Adbusters: celebrity endorsement.

 Who's going to be at the Barnes & Noble in Edina, MN tonight? Me. And William Gibson.

 Newsweek is talking about a new Microsoft peer community application for kids coming out next week.

 Shift magazine has published its last issue.

 Bono is a finalist for a Nobel. Right, next you'll tell me Kissinger got one.

 There are two kinds of people in this world: those who care about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and those who care about the new Cat Power album. (I just made that up. Can you tell?) Luckily for you, I'm pleasing both contingents. 2003 SI Swimsuit Issue came out today. SALTYT has the scoop, with pics of the cover model pre-boobjob. And the new Cat Power just came out too. It's being streamed here.

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