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jun 19

Wheh, Not Dead!

When I got this email today, I imagined that yet another was on the road to failure; this time because there were no airplane crashes:

To our AirDisaster.Com subscribers, We have received numerous inquiries in recent weeks regarding list membership. As there has not been a fatal airliner accident involving an aircraft seating over 19 passengers in some time, we have not been required to send out any E-mail Notifications. We wanted to assure anyone who may be concerned that they had been removed from the list that they are still included. Regards, Chris Kilroy Editor, AirDisaster.Com

Wheh, not dead!

And, in other email news, this correction is on right now:

Earlier today, inadvertently retransmitted an eight-day old e-mail news alert reporting the execution of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. We apologize.

Wheh, dead!

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