aug 14

Hong Kong

No fair. I put up my wish list, and no one sends me toys that make me feel compromised. Trust me, if you want a shot of me doing something naughty on the webcam, all you have to do is ask.

Late one night, I was hunting around the web for weird links about Barbie dolls. Turns out that an artist named Tom Forsythe went to court today and won in a battle with Mattel over the right to create this very weirdness. (Obviously, Mattel hasn't seen this yet.)

I'm going to Hong Kong the middle of September. Anyone ever been there? Recommendations? Suggestions? I'm reading Paul Theroux's Kowloon Tong and re-watching all my Wong Kar-wai films. Email me with more ideas.

Minneapolis browsing:

A story from an indie-weekly in Raleigh about an "effeminate lad from Minnesota" who "rose to the top of the gay porn industry."

Minneapolis cuisine reviewed in the Sunday New York Times.

Esquire's Korey Stringer feature.

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