feb 25

reality tv

 It'll never happen, but I like Saddam's proposition to "debate" Bush. That's reality tv I'd watch.

 Guggenheim's Matthew Barney exhibit. (Here's some stuff for sale. Patches?) Why do I have no trips to NYC planned this Spring?

 And here I thought NASCAR was a dumb activity for under-sexed southerners. In reality, it's a testing grounds for complexity theory, social network analysis, and game theory.

 10 Ways in which Buffy has toyed with TV conventions.

 Hey, Steve Malkmus has a new album out next month. The new issue of Spin gave it an "A" rating. Also the new Radiohead album is scheduled for June 10 release.

 New interesting semantic web Daypop idea: Top Word Bursts.

 The Economist asks: Is there really a market for a $20,000 mobile phone?

 The Saddameter adds historical charts. Remember the days when it was around 50%? The Iraq Attack Pool says it will happen March 3.

 My new t-shirt arrived. It rules.

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