feb 26


 Microsoft's Three Degrees, a mix of P2P and IM for kids, is out. Why does it feel sinister?

 Atlantic: Caring for Your Introvert.

 Melissa Maerz of City Pages has a long, personal piece on Sims addiction and the breakdown of real and virtual worlds.

 Those in the content industry (blech, what a dirty phrase!) will like Michael Wolff's column this week: Stop, Thief!

 Buffy was so excellent last night. It's a sad thing too, because it looks like there's no future.

 Did you know you can get the entire My So-Called Life series on DVD? Tempting.

 Meetup is catching on in Islamabad. Not so bad in Brainerd, MN either.

 I haven't talked about Today In Literature yet, but I've become a recent fan. Today, for instance, is the day Sylvia Plath met Ted Hughes.

 Interview with the Dell Dude, post-arrest.

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