mar 2

queue up

 Article about Netflix Queue obsession: You Are What You Queue. I just got a membership a week ago, and my queue is already at 28 films and growing. The queue truly is brilliant -- a more manifest version of the Amazon Wishlist. My only recommendation to Netflix would be to add more editorial voice. The lame pages for '70s Cinema and Indie's Greatest Hits are dry and static. Which brings up another idea to steal from Amazon -- user-created lists.

 Interview with Drew from Fark.

 Video of the Dan Rather interview with Saddam.

 Okay Times piece on the Interactive Music Exchange, which has actual interactive online programming.

 Did you miss an episode of The Young and the Restless? For two bucks, you can download it from, a new site from Sony that offers this service for a couple soap operas. I suspect this business will actually take off.


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