mar 3


 Tricky W? Everyone's talking about The Guardian's scoop of "dirty tricks" that the U.S. pulled on Security Council members.

 Bill Clinton called up for jury duty.

 Studio 360's episode on improvisation was good this week.

 Looks like there's a new Linklater film in production starring Jack Black and Joan Cusack.

 I can't believe I'm continuing this thread, but Fred Durst talks to Howard Stern about sex with Britney.

 2003 World's Richest People from Forbes.

 Massive Attack's Robert Del Naja arrested on alleged possession of child pornography.

 More good questions: Did Eminem Ruin 50 Cent? & Who Will Run Iraq After The War?

 I was spotted at 2:43 p.m., Sunday, March 2, reading The Hipster Handbook at a local Barnes 'n Noble. Forgive my indiscretions.

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