mar 4


 I have been telling Peter for the past month that I think the metaphor of "the desktop" for personal computing should die. Then he sends me this article saying that others out there also think the metaphor is "outdated." My seemingly original thought is already obsolete.

 Looks like Google Hacks is out.

 Kieslowski's Three Colors on DVD came out today. Not too bad a deal either -- $30 for all three.

 Weird. James Marster (Spike on Buffy) has a band called Ghost of the Robot who sings a song called "David Letterman" (audio).

 The Most Significant SF & Fantasy Books of the Last 50 Years, according to the Science Fiction Book Club. (A Wizard of Earthsea [#5] seems high; The Man in the High Castle [#33] seems low.)

 "Get Your War" Mr. Rogers tribute.

 Ad Exec Hired to Improve U.S. Image Resigns. In other government PR news, has whittled it down to nine finalist Dept. of Homeland Security logos.

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