mar 5

embedding ashleigh

 After talking about Netflix a couple days ago, I was pointed to by Spazgirl. It's like Netflix, with these exceptions: slower delivery, better selection, and social consciousness. Thus the important question: can quality and ethics make up for lost speed? We'll see.

 A few months ago, our very own alt-weekly, City Pages, became the first of its kind to add blogs. Now I find this: Hmm, something is afoot in alternative publishing land.

 Episode 2 of Animatrix is out. has redesigned. It looks just a little like another search engine. I guess you can always skin it. (See also: redesign.)

 We've been playing around with this new Google Advertising Program on our sites. Interesting.

 Permission to embed Ashleigh Banfield, sir?

 Decent Metafilter post parody. (And the response.)

 NME names its Top 100 Albums of All Time. Go ahead and try to guess #1. In fact, I'll give you 100 guess. You're wrong. (I'm a huge Stone Roses fan, but this is surely a surprise.)

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