mar 17


 So far, the Dune miniseries is alright. But maybe the mammoth online campaign got to me. A few times it reminded my of the defunct Firefly. Then it hit me: how great would it have been if Josh Whedon directed it? Bigger than the David Lynch movie coup, I'd say.

 Oh, the guys are considering a lawsuit too. And there's another Get Your War On.

 Good story on just how crazy Kim Jong-Il is. In 1978, he kidnapped his favorite South Korean director and his movie-star wife to do a Godzilla knockoff.

 A Camille Paglia essay in Boston University's Arion (pdf) traces Scientology back to Alistair Crowley's Satanism. The NY Post has some details.

 "Handwritten drawings and musings of sniper suspect John Lee Malvo include reflections of political philosophers, references to the film The Matrix and quotations from Reggae music."

 MPEGs from SXSW.

 FastCompany article on Google's growth.

 Christopher Guest new parody target: folk music.

 Cronenberg interviewed in Onion A.V. Club.

 J. Hoberman's Matthew Barney review.

 Gawker gets a bit ponderous: Susan Sontag into Electroclash.

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