mar 22

it don't matter if you're...

I have recently discovered a micro-personality in the blogosphere. There is a certain type of person out there who blanches upon seeing web pages with white text on black backgrounds. I don't know exactly why they feel this way (I call it dogma, but most of these people are atheists too, so maybe not). Here is the typology of this person: 1) very perceptive, 2) spends a lot of time on the internet, but 3) doesn't actually make anything on the internet (they have no immediate idea what it means to have an "onclick action in an onload event," but they'll guess right on the meaning 90 percent of the time). They're also people that really enjoy saying how much they don't like white text on a dark background. It just so happens that I'm the kind of person who enjoys challenging these types of people, by citing studies that say it's actually easier to read white on black on most monitors. So bring it on, you white-on-black haters! (This "debate" sounds so 1997 that it makes me want to puke purple webpages.)

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