mar 28

stop this stupid war so i can sleep

 I'm at this Berkeley Internet Conference this weekend. If I can find a wifi connection, I'll blog the event.

 Where embedded journalists are stationed: Media Map of Iraq.

 New Macromedia product: Central. It isn't offically out for a couple months, but it looks like it will be a desktop application development platform using Flash. That sounds cool, but the emphasis on the "occasionally-connected user" makes me wonder what I'll be able to develop on it.

 Lenny Kravitz does his anti-war song. With Iraqi pop star Kadim Al Sahir

 The Onion: Maxim Reader Eager to Put Newly Acquired Knowledge of Women To Use. If you don't like that one, try this point-counterpoint on Iraq.

 Some sort of XBox broadband portal or something:

 Microsoft unveils OS for automobiles.

 Best Buy 10% off anything coupon.

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