apr 2

so tired i could cry

I hope no one in downtown Oakland saw me waving the new laptop around like a couple of rabbit ears looking for a wifi spot. I also hope that you didn't see me wandering down Valencia in San Fran, looking for 826 Valencia, but unable to remember the numbers "826." And I would be pleased if you didn't notice me on the plane watching episode after episode of Six Feet Under on DVD while simultaneously reading Google Hacks. It's good to be home.

 I don't even know where to categorize this in my feeble blog mind. The Gannett tv station in Cleveland did a story about a military firefighter who legally changed his named to Optimus Prime. That would warrant a link on Fark.com. But now, the website for that tv station has given him a blog. The hell?

 Stop the presses. The Pope published a book of poetry.

 Transcript to the interview that got Peter Arnett fired. Maybe he and Geraldo can get a gig together. (Actually, here's his debut column for the Daily Mirror, where he says, "I am still in shock and awe at being fired.")

 USA Today thinks education is going to hell because of IM.

 Eggers new magazine: Believer. Here's a L.A. Times article.


 An oddly-detailed but appropriate photo correction from the L.A. Times that led to the photographer's dismissal.

 I wonder if Maxim killed Gear.

 Oh hell. The Minneapolis International Film Festival started today. I've got absolutely no time for this.

 Wilco documentary I Am Trying to Break Your Heart is now out on DVD.

 I highly recommend this Terry Gross interview with Joseph Cirincione from the Non-Proliferation Project. And if you don't believe those fuzzy-headed liberals, try this Time piece, which backtracks the Bush agenda to Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz' philosophy. Scary shit.

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