apr 3

new eyeware

I bought $500 glasses in Haight-Ashbury last weekend. I hate myself and I want to die. You can see them by clicking on the webcam, over there -->

 TeeVee.org has a reality tv parody. But, ya know, when Donald Trump is doing reality tv pilots, satire really loses its effect.

 Anil has a swell post on the future of self-chronicling technology: A Personal Panopticon. Imagine, if you will, a TiVo of your life.

 Interview with Don DeLillo from Inside Border's mag.

 Word on the street is that the Radiohead album you've been downloading was actually planted by the record label, and the "official" album has only been given to a few journalists. Also, the label is flooding file-sharing apps with noise. UPDATE: Radiohead says the tracks were stolen, and doesn't blame the kids.

 Donald Rumsfeld: poet.

 Gary Hart has a blog now too. He wants to run for president again.

 Three new coolish new media books published recently by MIT: The New Media Reader | Uncanny Networks: Dialogues with the Virtual Intelligentsia | Improvisational Design. Designers might also like this new Taschen tome.

 New decent-looking Philip Seymour Hoffman movie: Owning Mahowny (trailer).

 What she said.

 I know way too many people who wish they had done this for their senior honors thesis: "Debates of Artistic Value in Rock Music: A Case Study of the Band Weezer, 1994-2001".

 New Metropolis mag piece on new Tokyo architecture.

 There seems to be a flood of Minnesota news in the blogosphere today. Kuro5hin is talking about Owatonna's Somali Dilemma. Wired News has a story on a Minnesota kid who's making and selling a low-cost, upgradeable Mac called the iBox. And from a New Republic review of a new Kruschev bio: When Hubert Humphrey was dispatched to Moscow to divine the Soviet leader's intentions--good luck!--Khrushchev inquired about the senator's hometown and, hearing the answer, approached a wall-sized map, circled Minneapolis, and said he would spare that city when the rockets started flying.

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