apr 6


 This is really quite cool. A comparison of street shots from Vertigo (1958) to what they look like now: Vertigo: Then And Now.

 Essential Field Guide to Fox Blondes.

 I'd really like a subscription to the Japanese magazine Brutus. So I checked Amazon. Wow, it's there. Uh, for $173.73/year. Maybe not.

 This video from Death in Vegas is pretty rad.

 New MIT Mediaworks pamphlet: Writing Machines.

 This is scary as hell. The army is adapting retail video games as military action simulators. "Some military trainers worry that the more the games seem like war, the more war may start to seem like a game." Ender's Game is even quoted as an influence.

 Lucian James looks at the Billboard Top 20 every week and breaks down the brand shout-outs in each song on American Brandstand.

 City Pages' War TV Glossary.

 Have fun: CreateBands.com. I think this is how Creed came about.

 Sorta odd for the NY Times Mag is this long cover piece on the Donald Judd / Andy Warhol / Sol Le Witt / Bruce Nauman generation of artists. Includes an audio slideshow.

 Apple releases Final Cut Pro 4.0.

 An addendum to Friday's puff about Goole News: Press Releases Now News For Google News. Press releases make it but blogs don't? Now I'm flustered.

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