apr 7


 Ok, this Fark thread is pretty funny. What if Fox News were around during other historical events? (My fave, a response to this story.)

 Good interview with Joanne Tucker, who left BBC to become the managing editor of al-Jazeera's English-language website.

 Gaytona.com, for gay NASCAR fans. (By the way, Google has zero matches for the phrase "Vegan Republican". This seems somehow relevant.)

 I saw Kiaromstami's Ten last night. Amazing. In many ways, the female inverse of his Cannes-winng film, Taste of Cherry. Already the best film of the year.

 Third episode of the Animatrix is out.

 In Minot (yes, North Dakota), Clear Channel owns all six commercial radio stations. "Among the six stations, Clear Channel now has only one full-time news employee, who is often heard reading statewide and national wire service dispatches," reports the New York Times in this story.

 Questions for Iraqi pop star Ismail Hussain. Includes great detail about Uday Hussein's debauchery. In other news, Osama bin Laden's niece, Waffa, is having a difficult time kick-starting her pop music career.

 Suzanne Vega is hosting "American Mavericks," a 13-part MPR series that "features the iconoclastic, tradition-breaking composers who shaped the development of American music-from Charles Ives, Henry Brant, Harry Partch, Laurie Anderson, Steve Reich and more." Episode 1, which which sets up the definition for "music maverick," includes music by John Cage, Charles Ives, and Steve Reich. The website includes a huge listening room, a huge collection of Harry Partch's instruments, an interactive Rhythmicon, and a Charles Ives blender. Good stuff so far.

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