apr 8


 Videos are up from the "Connecting with the Wired Generation" conference I attended last week at Berkeley. I would recommend two items: 1) John Seely Brown's keynote gave an invigorating critique of the social life in the digital age. Brown, former director of Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), used the post-structural concept of bricolage to assemble and re-assemble a hermeneutics of the digital age. And 2) Playing Games and Gaming the News saw the world of game-makers (including Will Wright of SimCity fame) interface with journalists who have been using game-like environments to deliver news. (In addition, here's more recently archived video: Berkeley Multimedia Reporting Workshop and U of Texas Online Journalism Symposium.)

 Waxy.org threatened to not read my site ever again if I didn't finally make an RSS feed. So here ya go. There might be some flaws in that XML -- if so, let me know. (I've been using the RSS-reader Syndirella, but Waxy says he now prefers SharpReader.)

 The Guardian has an episode of Cribs with Saddam.

 Today in Literature: On this day in 1950, J. D. Salinger's "For Esmé -- With Love and Squalor" was published in The New Yorker.

Music Notes:
 Just cuz: Sigor Ros video.
 Interview with Spike Jonze.
 David Lee Roth to release solo album with covers of Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Beatles, and the Steve Miller Band.

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