apr 9

no webby for me

What a dull day. This is all I've got:

 The Pioneer Press does a list of local bloggers. Guess which former Knight-Ridder employee is not a included. (Yes, I mean me.)

 Webby Award Nominees.

 Got Wi-Fi? Wired's Unwired issue.

 Mediapost calls IBS (where I toil all day) an "esoteric online giant." I'll take that as a compliment.

 I predict buzz: Soft Pink Truth's Do You Party. It's the solo album from Drew Daneil of Matmos, which doesn't sound buzzworthy, but here's what the new Wired writes: "Daniel cuts up Yiddish comedy records, '70s public-service announcements, phone sex pranks, and other found material to produce and amazing, totally schizo album."

 Roger Ebert was complaining the other day that no movie critic has won the Pulitizer for Criticism since he did in 1975. And then yesterday the Pulitzers were announced and Stephen Hunter from the Post won this year.

 Semi-highbrow digital conference worth considering: Digital Genres: Semiotic Technologies this Side of the Millennium. And Berkeley is having another: Weblogs: Information & Society. If you're going to either one, let me know.

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