apr 11

shock and awe

 Sony nabs video game rights to the phrase "Shock and Awe."

 Did you see the story today about the Department of Defense making a deck of playing cards of "Wanted Iraqi Leaders" which are being distributed around Iraq? I made a slideshow of all 55 cards for work. The Eight of Spades will, of course, be the collector item du jour, but I suspect the Five of Hearts will be the gem for the "true fan" of despotism.

 WeLoveTheIraqiInformationMinister.com crashed about 4 seconds after its release.

 Salon: The Return of the Mustache.

 Wired's piece on the fall of the MIT Media Lab.

 Despite (or because of) how much damn media I've been forced to consume in the past month, I have become a late-comer fan of The Daily Show. Salon's Laura Miller has a new piece on Jon Stewart.

 Donald Rumsfeld: poet or sex columnist?

 Retrocrush's collection of Sexiest Album Covers.

 TNR's review of the new DeLillo.

 Ethics in Video Game Journalism.

 I haven't heard this kind of crazy talk since AOL-TimeWarner. Apple might buy Universal Music, the biggest record label in the world. Ya know, I always knew that Apple wanted to be like Sony.

 Two completely random predictions: 1) SNL this weekend has a bit on Saddam and Osama hanging out at a frat on the University of Wisconsin campus and 2) The U.S. invades Iran within three years. (We have troops on their west border and east border -- Iraq and Afghanistan. It's only a matter of time. I say this as someone who didn't think that Bush would be stupid enough to invade Iraq.)

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