nov 14

You're Old

Kottke breaks down the cultural logic of old, by showing the half-life of movies and music. "Watching The Godfather today is like watching Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times (1936) in 1972." While this is certainly true in purely linear terms, I wonder if something has happened (postmodernism!) to cause the timeline to shrink in the past couple decades.


Technology could be a part of it; when it comes to movies, we reached a peak in terms of film quality/resolution in the '80s/'90s. Same with music: the peak of recording/production (to my ear, at least) occurred in the early to mid-'90s (almost any album from that period sounds like it could have been made today; you can't often say the same for '80s albums in the '90s).

It's even evident in the automotive industry: the look and feel of cars changed drastically between the 1960s and the '80s, but there hasn't been even nearly as much evolution in the looks department since then.

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Welcome to postpostmodernism!

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