apr 27


 Gosh, this one's tough. A free subscription to Maxim. Maybe if I had it delivered to a secret P.O. box.

 Gobs of new movie trailers: The Shape of Things, Neil LaBute's latest with Gretchen Mol and Rachel Weisz | People I Know, with Al Pacino, Kim Basinger and Tea Leoni | Spellbound, the documentary about the spelling bee | Till Human Voices Wake Us, a thriller with Guy Pearce and Helena Bonham Carter | Owning Mahowny, a goofy crime thriller with Philip Seymour Hoffman and Minnie Driver.

 Bush is a fan of the Iraqi Information Minister too.

 Good. Funny. Almost brilliant. McSweeney's: Unused Audio Commentary By Howard Zinn And Noam Chomksy, Recorded Summer, 2002, For The Fellowship Of The Ring (Platinum Series Extended Edition) DVD, Part One.

 Fark photoshops Google logo.

 Dan Savage writes an op-ed piece in the Times about Rick Santorum.

 I somehow missed all those White Stripes shows on Conan last week. They were the topic of conversation at every cocktail party this weekend. I'm glad that Chuck Olsen posted one.

 The Rake's Kurt Anderson interview.

 Hmm, should I get a Vulcan?

 Chuck tells the story in the Times about moving from North Dakota to NYC.

 The Parents Television Council (how Orwellian does that sound?) is ticked at Buffy.

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