may 1

this blogger for pres

 Ten bucks to the blogger who gets a link on the Geraldo Blog first.

 It's time for your dose of Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf news: He wants to surrender but we don't want him, an Arab TV news channel wants to employ him, and he's not even in the Iraqi Most Wanted Solitaire Game.

 The best director of my generation (why does that sound stupid to say, but didn't 10 years ago?) is moving to HBO.

 I'm pretty jaded, but this story freaked me out.

 Josh Whedon picks his own Top 10 Buffy episodes, which is a little predictable but still wonderful. (The conclusion to last week's episode was a little forced, but there are only three left, so I guess that's what happens.)

 City Pages Best of the Twin Cities is out.

 Jean-Luc Godard drinking game. Drink!

 I don't go to Metafilter much anymore, but today they pointed at this cool archive video from a 1967 CBC piece on a hippy enclave in Canada. So? Well, the main character is a 19-year-old William Gibson. Yes, that William Gibson.

 Howard Kurtz wonders if blogs might just determine the next president.

 Fresh Air linguist Geoff Nunberg has a interesting analysis of the stylistic differences between the writers on the left and right (audio link). It's all about polysyndeton.

 A couple people have emailed me recently to ask how many visitors I get here. The answer: about 2,000 per day. I'm sorry that you're just a statistic.

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