may 6

Ashleigh And The Rockers

 In the middle of an average Times story surveying Ashleigh Banfield's career is this sentence about her days at the Dallas Fox affiliate: "She was also known in the city's gossip pages for singing in a rock band and for holding late-night parties at her loft apartment." Whah-what!? Rock band? I would pay top-dollar for those MP3s. One of our editors in Dallas (Bill, who is also the proprietor of hunted down the band name: Tommy Hyatt and the Haywires. But no MP3s. I'm paying $10 to anyone who can find me an MP3.

 This William Bennett news truly is a self-righteous morsel to relish. Michael Kinsley wants to give to give the investigators a Pulitzer Prize for Schadenfreude.

 My pal Simon Peter's bye-bye Buffy story.

 Article about

 Chuck's Blogumentary is gonna be great. He has a clip staring Anil, Katherine Narducci of The Soprano's, and an angry Starbucks mobster.

 Charles Bukowski (or Bill Gates) poem generator.

 Circulation of Nation's Biggest Papers.

 Radiohead via Sony Classical piano.

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