may 12

britney barbarella

I'm home! How was it, you ask? Mostly good. San Diego is a beautiful city I didn't expect to like. I also had lunch with the new president of TiVo which was really weird. I'm still fast-forwarding.

 And it's lucky for you that I'm back, or else you'd miss Britney as Barbarella in Japanese tea tv commercial.

 Yet another t-shirt I need.

 While researching for an upcoming review of The Matrix: Reloaded, Melissa Maerz gathers Everything You Never Wanted to Know About the Matrix, a collection of trivia, including the director's fascination with Cornell West.

 National Magazine Award Winners.

 Is it my imagination, or is the Times obsessed with North Dakota lately? Here's one from the Sunday Arts section on the classical music scene. on Aphex Twin.

 I saw The Shape of Things last night. I was bored through the first half, but it picks up in the end with an surprising conclusion. Here are Ebert's review and's review. I'm pretty sure I hated it, but I'd actually recommend it as a date movie because there's a lot to talk about.

 Dan Savage on Bill Bennett (including playing cards).

 Paul Boutin on the new NYC Google offices.

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