may 14

teen lingo

 I won't give you all my opinions about the recent FCC proposals (god knows you don't come here to hear that), but I'll say this: I disagree with the pundits; I doubt you'll see that many big merger deals in the next few years. The reason: local TV stations are already owned by big companies. And trust me, you're gonna pay a pretty penny to pry one away. Check back in three years and see if I'm right.

 Everyone's watching the new Radiohead video ("There, There").

 No one noticed the new glasses when I wore them to work. No one even mentioned the new haircut. No one apparently liked the new pants. But that new t-shirt drew gobs of attention today.

 Good idea from Nick: get Salam Pax a lit agent.

 Sci-Fi author Samuel R. Delany profiled in L.A. Weekly. (I recommend Dhalgren.)

 Edward Tufte's "The Cognitive Style of Powerpoint".

 The Conan Claymation episode airs tomorrow.

 Teen Lingo.

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