may 15


 This sucks. I just found out that my neighborhood museum, The Walker Arts Center, which was a pioneer in digital arts and cross-platform arts initiatives, decided last week to dismantle most of the new media team. I hope Steve Dietz doesn't leave town, as he was a great asset to this community.

 Adam Gopnick's Matrix Reloaded review in The New Yorker. (There are a million others out there. has some.)

 Freddy vs. Jason trailer.

 Have you seen the new Wired (in print)? It's pretty awesome. Rem Koolhaas plays the role of something like "Guest Editor / Impresario." You can see some of it online, but it's much more elaborate in magazine form.

 Guns 'N Roses cover band (heh) will feature Slash, Duff, Matt, and.... Scott Weiland.

 Of course I gotta link to it. The Official Buffy Auction. Gawd it would be so cool to trade in my Diesel boy bag for Giles' Leather Satchel (curently $1,725).

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