may 19

blawg, blawg, blawg

 Times Mag topic this week is architecture. Good stuff.

 BuzzMachine has a Salam Pax interview (translated from an Austrian magazine). And the Ottawa Citizen gathers lots of details about the author by merely doing a close reading.

 Two Times stories about blogging: Dating a Blogger, Reading All About It (cough, cough) | A New York State of Blog (about

 Story on City Pages' Babelogue.

 Coming soon from O'Reilly: TiVo Hacks.

 This week I'm trading in the Nokia 9290 (which never caught on like it should have) for a new Samsung I-700 (which has everything I want in a pda-phone except WiFi). It's no Matrix Phone, but this boy needs a new toy.

 Saddam's kinky fantasy art.

 Steven Johnson's contribution on blogging to the Rem Koolhaus-curated Wired.

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