may 20

the end of the world

 The Times has a story about Peter Greenaway's upcoming megalomaniacal multimedia movie/tv/theater/book/website/game thing. In other news, launches new movie section.

 Popdex, the game. The goal: pick links that you think will become popular amongst bloggers in the next 48 hours.


 Around mid-afternoon yesterday, Waxy said they had already raised $2000 for Ghyslain. I told him he's truly a philanthropist.

 The Guardian asks when is Harry Potter gonna get laid, anyway? There's also a new Murakami profile.

 Today is the day the world ends. If you don't know what that means, you don't deserve to read 10 Questions For Joss Whedon. (Of course Whedonesque has a billion more links if you're not feelin' glum.)

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