may 26

mag bashing

 I'm 80% an e-bore.

 Chronicle of Higher Ed: Office-Hour Habits of the North American Professor.

 Sunday Times story on photobloggers.

 Track listing for the CD wrapped in the new issue of Adbuster.

 New Prozac Nation trailer.

 More crazy Christians: Scooby Doo: Turning Kids On to the Occult!

 A fine collection of '80s commercials.

 Spin magazine always puts up a smattering of its print content a month late. Right now, for instance, there's the 20 Sleaziest Rock Moments piece, which doesn't even give you #1. It instead says "For Spin's top sleazy moment, pick up a copy of the June issue, on newsstands now." Now, that's sleazy. (And not to mention a lie -- the issue is already off the newsstands.)

 And to extend the magazine bashing.... Entertainment Weekly's cover story this week was the top 50 Cult Movies Of All Time. Good idea, questionable outcome:

  1. This Is Spinal Tap
  2. Rocky Horror Picture Show
  3. Freaks
  4. Harold and Maude
  5. Pink Flamingos
  6. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  7. Repo Man
  8. Scarface
  9. Blade Runner
  10. The Shawshank Redemption

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