may 29


 Not many people know this (not that I hide it), but in a previous life I was an editor at FATE magazine. I was reminded of this totally surreal period of my life while reading a column from a former editor of Buffy magazine.

 I thought for sure it was a joke, but it's a true: Avril Lavigne's Song To Be Made Into Movie. Can you imagine being the guy who has to "translate" that three minutes of bilge into a 90-minute movie?

 Blast from the past: Is One Year Old (1996).

 TIME writes about

 Village Voice: A Short Cultural History of Wedding Rings.

 Can anyone logically explain Boing-Boing's fascination with SARS the past month?

 Video: that geek/supermodel ad from GE. (See also: Geek Test.)

 Blogumentary's most recent video post is great again: Jeff Jarvis (Entertainment Weekly creator and Buzzmachine proprietor) on blogs, journalism and democracy.

 Google puzzles.

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