jun 9

back for the attack

 I've been doing a lot of thinking about Apple iTunes killing album-oriented music. But BBC News has a story with leaked statistics that show half of the songs sold on iTunes are full albums. So maybe not.

 Dumb link of the day: The Office Space sound board.

 Season Four of Buffy comes out on DVD tomorrow.

 Times update on the Jesse Ventura show on MSNBC.

 Creepy or artful? In MeAndBillyBob.com, artist Jillian Mcdonald takes scenes from Billy Bob Thornton movies and splices in videos of herself.

 Guardian: Blogging's Too Good For Them.

 Onion A.V. Club interviews Steve Malkmus. He's a little more culturally introspective than usual; he hints that he might be heading downhill musically and even even suggests that you could attribute Pavement's success to good press connections at Matador.

 The Webby Awards were announced this weekend. The world yawned.

 Did you miss the t.A.T.u. performance on MTV last week? If so, go see it on MTV.com.

 Gizmodo has a funny little post about reviewing gadgets from 1983.

 Voice: Make Up Your Own New York Times Story. (Fine for print; should've been made interactive online.)

 I've been lightly thinking about creating a Gawker for the Twin Cities (see rant below). But I don't think I could maintain it solo. Anyway, Gaper's Block is a new Gawker-ish blog for Chicago.

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