jun 12

trying new categories

Music Links:

 Top 10 Pictures of Thom Yorke Looking Pretentious.

 Slate.com covers the U.S. Air Guitar Championships.

 Radiohead.tv has launched. Awesome.

Video Game Links:

 The Mob has taken over The Sims.

Media Links:

 Wired was the comeback kid last year, scoring a number of good issues when it seemed like it was a magazine carcass. Newer issues are slipping a bit, with such things as The Wired 40, from the newest issue. Meanwhile, if you're wondering "hey, what current magazine will everyone look back on nostalgically?", the answer is Res. The new issue is excellent. (See also: Chicago Tribune's crappy list of the 50 Best Magazines. Neither Wired nor Res are even listed, Metropolis comes in at #45; Spin is listed under "Mags gone bad"; and just to prove their twisted middlebrow snobbiness, FHM made the list but not Maxim.)

 The Times pans Hillary's book. Also, The New York Observer asked novelists to critique the book.

 It's been a while since someone did a story on Romenesko.

Just Cool:

 Gimme retro tv.


Somewhat Local News:

 Oh wow. The story about the 28-year-old Japanese woman wandering around Fargo supposedly looking for the money from Fargo (the movie) never really spread outside of the upper-Midwest. But now London's Guardian picked it up and made a big deal about it. The author was even going to make a movie about her.

 NY Times piece on MusicMavericks.org, produced by MPR. Also, Katherine Lanpher interviewed (audio) a Village Voice critic about the show on MPR's Midmorning today.

 Local restaurant advertising controversy hits the daily. "Happy Hour: Cheaper Than A Bangkok Brothel."

 OJR article about the business and content prospects of local weblogs.

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