jun 16


Except for two 4-hour Buffy-watching intermissions on the couch, I have been sleeping for the last 48 hours. I'm still a little woozy after Friday's party. Chuck was wise enough to snap some photos -- six pics in the middle of this page. Yeah, that's me, and I only vaguely remember that part of the evening. Thanks to everyone who came, especially that chick from San Francisco. Sorry the booze ran out before sunrise.


 Photo of Bush falling off a Segway.

 Weird Sunday Times story about gutter punks. Or, as the sociologists say, urban nomads.


 New blog: Amazon World highlights interesting user reviews found on Amazon.com.

 Another new one: Tabloid Column, a collection of tabloid and celeb news.

 Register: www.la

 The elusive Plain Layne is back.


 Jack White just lost every stitch of cred he had.

 Kottke made a silent film about the Chirac/Bush summit: Ceci n'est pas une guerre (c'est l'amour). Maybe he should have done it in the style of Woody Allen.


 Metropolis mag story on Nike that starts off quoting No Logo in the first graph.

 Interview with Radar's editor-in-chief.

 Adweek: 10 Lowest Moments in Advertising in the Last 10 Years.


 Apparently Eggers wants to become Madonna. He's dropping his last name from his next novel. Maybe next he'll change his name to a symbol.

 Someone's dissertation on the cultural history of the word cunt.

 The Believer's Idea Share.


 Argh! StarTribune.com just made me register before reading.

 Times story penned by Dylan Hicks on the Minneapolis Children's Theater Company winning a Tony.

 Fargo Forum has a decent collections of stories on the Garrison Dam: The Unfinished Dream.

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