jun 17

liking categories; hope you are too


 Reuters: Prostitute Diary Tops Iran Web Hit. Besides being a horrible headline, it's interesting that the tone of the article is to chastise the Iranian government, but it doesn't provide a URL for the blog.

 McGraw-Hill Human Sexuality Image Bank.

 BBC: Will Porn Kick-Start The Video Phone Revolution? Answer: no.

 Odd. A site that reviews (NSFW) porn banner ads.


 New blog: WatchBlog, 2004 U.S. Election News & Opinion, broken into three nice categories. It's the creation of Cam from Camworld.


 L.A. Times story about TV scholarship at MIT.

 The only Hillary interview I've watched the past two weeks was the one on Letterman last night. Booooooooring.


 Good June Panic interview in the new Agricouture.

 Metafilter told me the video for Electric 5's "Gay Bar" is big in Europe.

 In Pitchfork: The 20 Worst Post-Breakup Debacles.


 McSweeney's says that the first-name-only business isn't true.

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