jun 19

what liberal media?


 Al Gore is looking to get into the liberal media.

 Two meta-media columns on bad writing: WashPost columnist writes about the scourge of The List. Meanwhile, MediaBistro attacks the scourge of The [fill in the blank] Nation.

 Adbusters: Early Signs of Fascism.


 Salon.com has familiar-sounding speculation that iTunes could kill album-oriented music. Although I didn't write it, it feels like a condensed version of the last 15 music conversations I've had.


 WashPost asks if Harry Potter fan fic is stealing. Answer: no.

 Al Franken has a new book out: Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them. He's interviewed on AlterNet.

 On this day in 1816, Percy Shelley, Lord Byron, and Mary Shelley gathered on Lake Geneva to tell ghost stories that would trigger Frankenstein. (I just love TodayInLiterature.com.)


 If you missed it, video of Hillary on Letterman.


 Premiere and Playboy both have lists of the best sex scenes. Not one repeat in the top 10. See also: The Guardian's Sex on the Screen Quiz.

 Harrison Ford finger gallery.


 Todd has posted a Fargo Forum story saying that Kirby's Bar is shutting down and that Ralph's might be next. (The City of Moorhead is on a buying spree.) This is even worse than the news the First Ave. might be on the way out.

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