jun 23


I'm feelin' categorical, so I'm sticking with the link categories for a while. Shakin up the faculties. Down with Kant, ya dig.


 There goes the neighborhood. Ann Coulter: blogger. CoulterGeist, indeed.

 Back-to-back stories about Orin Hatch's website that have nothing to do with each other. Wired News (who else?) calls him a software pirate, and Salon.com (who else?) calls him a pornographer. I guess someone should fry his PC.


 WhichBooks.net provides a unique way to choose a book. Play with the little sliders on the left.


 Photo essay by Hugh Pearman on Zaha Hadid's Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati.


 Sunday Times Mag has a long but very good story on the marketing (i.e., non-marketing) of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. Recomended.


 A condom ad (video).


 Smack in the middle of this hilarious Onion article about college DJs is a June Panic reference.

 A must. SixDifferentWays has an MP3 of t.A.T.u.'s cover of The Smith's "How Soon Is Now?" I am human and I need to be loved.

 NPR's Motley Fool had a good interview with the founder of KaraokeNation.com, who apparently has a book out now too: Karaoke Nation: Or, How I Spent a Year in Search of Glamour, Fulfillment, and a Million Dollars.

 Apple's iTunes coming to the indies.


 Let's call it the new Ghost World that was the new Crumb: preview to American Splendor.

 Somewhat random L.A. Times Parker Posey profile.


 Dream job? It's not often you see "an interest in Wheel of Fortune, Q*Bert or Charlie's Angels" in a job description. Pay: $10.00/hour.

 Harry, Sabrina, and Buffy Help Paganism Grow.

 One year ago today, I must have been smoking crack.


 The excellent local juice company, Fresco Juice, has started distributing at Kowalski's. Check it out.

 Beck writes about his appearance in Minneapolis, and the chance that maybe Prince would show up.

 In the soon-to-be-defunk Lost Cause, people talking about the Lifter Puller show.

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